Internationalising Higher Education

Leong, S and Woods, D 2017, “I don’t care about Asia”, Teaching Asia in Australia, Journal of Australian Studies, pp. 367-379, Viewed 16 August 2018, <>

This article explores the concepts of teaching Asia in Australia. It navigates through teachers and students perspectives of Asia Literacy. D Woods and S Leong are first generation – migrant teachers from Asia who have been encouraged to teach Asia Literacy in Australia. Continue reading “Internationalising Higher Education”

Globalisation, Media Flows and Saturation Coverage

In week 2 of #BCM111 we explore the topic ‘Globalisation, Media Flows and Saturation Coverage’.

What is Globalisation? Well lucky for you (and me) I have found a GREAT academic journal that clearly explains it. I have also sourced a news report that demonstrates a different perspective of Globalisation.


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