BCB212 Reflection

The research project has now come to an end.

As a result, I have developed basic skills and an understanding of the process designing and developing a research project (emphasizing the basic skills).

Due to my research topic being based around student’s well being, academic performance and social media use, the nature of it could be sensitive to some. I ensured that my approach was ethical. However, I feel I tiptoed around sensitive topics. In which, could have fractured the project’s purpose.

Limitations in the project have been a good learning curve. As I read over and developed relationships with the data, I find what I was missing in the project, variables. I have discovered that variables such as personality traits, environmental factors, economic factors, peer factors and other contributing variables to one’s lifestyle, have significant influence on the results. For instance, one’s personality can have a healthier interaction with social media and be more engaged academically. Whereas, other personalities can be dependent and distracted by social media, making them disengage from their studies. The response to a global pandemic is also dependent on previous life experiences and mental health. However, due to the time limitations of the project, capturing these variables would have been difficult and still, limited.

Planning and reiterating were a major part of the process. At the beginning of the project, I was well organised and well equipped. However, circumstances changed and I had not kept to the schedule. I had iterated in two components of my project, firstly, being behind I had to change plans in order to meet the due date. Secondly, when the results came through, I had noticed I needed more statistical data for the project, so I made a second survey.

All in all, I thoroughly enjoyed the process and the BCM212 subject. The topic of my research project resonated with me as I felt I had lost a lot of motivation due to the pandemic and having to isolate. I found myself be more engaged (unintentionally) on social media and it had impacted my mental health. Seeing the responses roll in, it was comforting to see that we are not alone.

Breathe Mental Health GIF by YouTube

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