90’s vs 00’s

The way in which different generations engage and utilise media is an interesting one. Obviously,  it differs between generation gaps – explaining to your Grandfather what Netflix is.

“What is this nonsense? When I was your age………(insert intense story here)..”


This got me thinking. As a 90s kid, I was introduced to the ambiguous internet. I remember dial-up. The big phat monitors. Floppy discs. Microsoft Paint. CD’S. Google. You-tube. Using MSN behind my parents back. My time on the computer was so little but so valued, it was like a whole other world. Today, however, having an adult life, I now use my paper-thin Macbook to send emails, do uni-work, sort finances, almost daily. The sense of value has shifted.

Social Media’s Generation Gap

I didn’t discover Facebook until I was 16. The 16-year-olds today have most likely had Facebook since they were 12, just from my observation (don’t hold it against me). I thought wildly about how I engaged with Facebook when I was 16 and compared it with the average 16-year-old today. Both 16-Year-olds are shaped differently, due to the media use and exposure (scary).

I would have logged on to Facebook from the computer maybe 4 times a week. The 16-year-old today is switching between Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram on their smartphones. Posting an endless supply of filtered selfies that are currently trending. I didn’t get a phone until I was 17. I remember the exciting days when someone had brought their camera, it was a massive deal. Now, everyone has one that can instantly share photos with the internet. The keyword here is instant, things now are so instant, when things aren’t instant, we get tantrums.

I could continue comparing the 8-year gap, but I am sure you are able to reflect upon it yourself. Welcome to Media Ethnography, a subject I am currently interested in.

Author: yanks

half optimist half pessimist half realist

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