The final project

VCD 101 is finished 😦

The final project in VCD101 is now completed, an A5 booklet of one of my previous blog post about April Greiman and David Carson. The aim of the project was to learn the tools of and intertwine between Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and Adobe Acrobat, exploring and experimenting creatively. Another significant element of the booklet was the function of typography, how it can make or break your design work.

– The Booklet –

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Overall, the process involved had many challenges, but overcoming these challenges are great lessons learnt. Towards the end of the process, I felt a natural sequencing form, I don’t know if it was because of using my own poorly written blog post, that I understood what was being said and how to communicate it. A technique I used was to physically create a booklet out of paper, flick through the pages and think how I could make this blog post more interesting and enjoyable. I thought about the nature of humans need for identifying patterns. I loosely aimed to incorporate a pattern and a sequence throughout the pages. I didn’t want to be dull. But, I feel this happened naturally, as everything had a place.

What I enjoyed learning was the experimentation with typography, within the rules, avoiding the ‘default’ settings of type. I used two the typefaces; Garamond and Montserrat and explored how their families functioned in expressing alternate things. Likewise, with the powerful relationship between the leading and the font size, also have the potential for expression. Choosing the blog post about Greiman and Carson was a hard choice, as I felt challenged to design in such a way to reflect the content in a respectable manner, as I am not capable of breaking the rules, like the two geniuses. However, using the modular grid, it didn’t take long for me to become comfortable with experimenting with alignment across the spread. It just seems everything has a natural place. I began to thoroughly enjoy negative space, and I feel it is the negative space that plays an important role in my booklet. A lesson I will take away from this is the power and the importance of negative space, type as a form of language, alignment also as a form of communication.

Saving, exporting, packaging files, printing and trimming was an important process and one that needs to be continued throughout my practice. I eventually got the hang of it, but there was a couple of times I missed a setting; for example, a booklet, flipped long edge, not the short edge.

– The Monogram –

The monogram challenged me, with the endless ideations possible from different typefaces, and what do I want to express, about myself. I came to the conclusion of wanting it to be simple, fun and have the Y and P fit naturally with one another. I tried a fair bit of typefaces but always came back to a slab serif, I feel it was because I alway’s loved American Typewriter that was available on Microsoft Word. So, I discovered Brix Slab Cond Medium, basically designed for Logos.BLACKWHITEweb

– The Ransom Quote –

The ransom quote from Neville Brody. To be honest, I spent the majority of my time cutting as much letter form from magazines than forming the composition. This was the natural composition I formed, and I enjoyed it. Personally, I enjoy playfulness, I love puns. When I saw that paint bucket from the bunnings magazine, I was thrilled. I want my work to not be easily readable at first glance, I want people to reflect deeper – such as pouring the paint into the empty head… – open to your interpretation.

As I limited myself with time, I scanned my composition then edited in photoshop. I added digital layers, manipulated colour, duplicated and manipulated the cutouts to form shadows.

This itself, was I project I have never done before, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. I feel the quote also sat well with the process, – Digital Design is like the painting, except the paint never dries – The collage was originally pasted down – Finalised – until, scanned, to be digitally manipulated.

Screen Shot 2019-06-12 at 5.36.28 pm
Collage Scan
Ransom Quote Collage
Collage Edit in Photoshop

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