Dense Coded Meaning

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Dense Coded Meaning


A combination of 2 – 3 letters, intertwined or overlapped to represent an individual, municipality, company, or kingdom.

In a sense, social media is a platform we show off our brand, our personal identity. The concept of branding has been around for centuries, the monogram was a royal signature, a form of currency and a symbol of aristocracy. Then, from identifying one’s personal belongings it evolved to becoming a branding tool for one’s identity.

Monogram of Charlemagne (768-814)

KRLS button

The King, Karls des Grossen, also known as Charles the Great discovered the power of a monogram.

In the year of 800, Pope Leo III made Charles the Holy Roman Emperor and gave him a definitive Latin, one-word name of KAROLUS.

A silver denier coin with the monogram

This one-word Latin name was then designed into a monogram, compressed with the letters of the name KARLOUS, constructed around a cross.  This became a symbol of the Kings dominance, power and military conquests, as well as establishing a new standard of currency.

Now, it is more than just a monogram.

Typefaces have evolved since the 800’s and have a significant role in creating a monogram. Typography has a personality and carries its own history. Selecting a particular Serif or Sans Serif typeface can place a dense coded meaning for brand identity.

DC Shoes Monogram

DC Shoes

DC Shoes is an American organisation that produced footwear and accompanying other attires for active sports such as skateboarding and snowboarding. ❤

In 1994 Droors Clothing was established by snowboarder Ken Block and Damon Way. Droors Clothing discontinued, and DC Shoes developed, standing for Danny and Colin, their first signed athletes. DC Shoes was acquired by Quicksilver in 2004. It was in 2011, the company decided to build the brands identity and design the now iconic DC logo. 

Chanel Monogram
Could DC Shoes be communicating that it is the ‘Chanel in the world for skateboarding and snowboarding’?

The DC monogram is distinctive, with the mirror reflection that is strongly similar to that of Chanel, however, the designer broke the symmetry by altering the white space in the ‘D’ and placing a star between the two ends of the ‘C’.

The reputation of DC shoes is built from the success of their athletes. Skateboarding culture emerged from the fringes to the mainstream from the ’90s to the mid-2000s. It was the days when everyone had Tony Hawk Pro Skater on their PlayStation and the X Games championed Skateboarding as a professional sport. In the uprising sports of Skateboarding and Snowboarding, DC Shoes were fitted on some of the top athletes, marketing and splashing the logo onto the public consciousness, cementing associations with skateboarding and snowboarding lifestyle.

DC shoes were everywhere, in the media, on flags, on shoes, clothing attire, shirts, banners, skate parks, ramps, rails, hosting competitions and even in motorsports. The success of the brand’s identity truly reflects on the power of the monogram and its potential to represent and identify a culture.




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