Suss on Media

Mass Media, what a wonderful controlling instrument. Society is heavily influenced how to walk the walk and talk the talk. Thinking about who controls our media is very real, what would we do without media, what would society be like; interesting #showerthought for the day.

Unfortunately, as a student with many other responsibilities I haven’t got much time to cross check my news sources reliability, unless I smell fake news. Generally, living in a rural area South West Sydney, I am receiving my news from The Daily Telegraph, The Sunday Telegraph and Macarthur Chronicle owned by the media king, Rupert Murdoch whom is worth 18.5 billion USD and owns around 70 percent of Australian Newspapers. Now, as we all aware of the impact of internet and technology in our lives; our access to news is so much easier – STRAIGHT FROM OUR DEVICES IN OUR OWN HOME! We don’t even have to turn on the television at a certain time to receive the news, it’s all there in our hands. Reflecting upon this figure, I believe that the corporations under Murdoch could be biased, as the population isn’t accessing a fair amount of variable sources. This, I believe, is a serious matter, having one man control a large majority of news. I feel society is being persuaded mindlessly by the power of the media.

However, what strengthens the ambiguity of the media, is the endless amount of opinionated articles and comments that flood user created content such as social media. Facebook, now this has contributed hugely to societies obsession with media. On social media, we are promised that we can control our media content, we can choose our friends, likeable content, news sources, etc. However, we can’t choose what our friends are posting. So, realistically, we are receiving news from unreliable sources from our friends who may be inexperienced in determining the reliability of sources. Therefore, we are overwhelmed with fake news, opinionated news and, maybe some real news?

Sadly, in today’s mass mediated society that I have grown up in, I have little to no trust in media sources. It is only if I cross check amongst different sources (who aren’t owned by Murdoch) I can find some sense of truth… (unless, everyone is in on it).


Cunningham, Stuart  “Policy and Regulation” P 85-90 in Cunningham, S and Turnbull, S (eds) (2014) The Media and Communications in Australia, 4th Edition. Allen and Unwin.

Author: yanks

half optimist half pessimist half realist

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