Well, guess who figured out how to make gifs without using other gifs… Me. I am so excited to have found a user friendly application that records my screen. Stank you Giphy Capture.


What is interesting though; coming up with a simple idea, isn’t simple. Ideating, prototyping and making don’t always go in that order – Once you begin making, a new idea sparks. You learn through the process, a nice, messy process.

My previous post – Ideating. I got some great feedback! Thank You all x.

>>>>feedback loops

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Constructive feedback + criticism is crucial to the design process.  100% of my feedback on my ideating blog has suggested to expand to reach a larger audience. It’s pretty obvious that I was missing the obvious… So, I am expanding. Why focus on a small area when my initial aim for this project is for people with disabilities to expand their experiences. I guess I was trying to keep my project tiny, but I would have been losing out.

T E S T I N G + F E F O + R E R O


Tumblr :

Tumblr… what was I thinking. Realistically, my targeted audience wouldn’t be on here. The whole point of my Digital Artefact is to fill that missing gap and become that resource for families, carers, individuals and organisations who don’t have the time to research places & activities LET ALONE BLOGGING ON TUMBLR.

But, I did find some great posts on Tumblr from inspiring individuals living with disabilities, creating awareness.
I discovered the hashtag #ablism – This is awesome. Shining a positive light onto disability – WE ARE ABLE NOT DIS-ABLED!!!!

WordPress :

WordPress was great. The features of this platform demonstrated the potential my project has. I was able to organise my content into categories – eat, places and activities. I used widgets to link social media, I even created a question link – “Where would you like to go?” – Giving the user the opportunity to suggest places + activities for myself to review. These awesome features along with my content + desired future content have the potential to form into a neat, simple, accessible, user friendly site that is almost practical. I like that.


There is too much to do. I don’t have time for this right now. How can I research, get them facts STRAIGHT, explore locations, take photos, consider each activity/location carefully and assess how and WHY they are great and how they accommodate for everyone, write blogs, experiment and design the site, do other Uni work, work full-time to pay off a mortgage, eat, be alive and take care of those dark circles under my eyes.

Life happens. To sum it up. This platform wasn’t F.I.S.T enough. I couldn’t R.E.R.O either.

Also, for my concept and the gap I am trying to fill. A website doesn’t really seal the deal. Stay tuned for why I feel this..


instagram: @accessyourability

Ahh, Instagram. You clever platform, you.

You are the definition of F.I.S.T & R.E.R.O

What I didn’t like:

  1. Lack of organising content into categories – Can only achieve this with story highlights.. to an extent.
  2. Content cannot be pinned to a location making it accessible for people.

What I like:

  1. Successful in reaching targeted audience (through hashtags related to #disability)
  2. Great way to get the name out there – we live in a mass mediated society who basically live on instagram. So, best to be in everyone’s face and join instagram.
  3. It’s so damn easy to use. Business tools & features are beneficial and provide good insights.

The photos I have uploaded are genuine. It isn’t me marketing or advertising my business, it’s happy natural shots of my brother Zac out in the community. This is what my targeted audience want – real personal experiences. Our world today is so full of advertising, mass media and marketing. I attempt put out a reminder that we are all human. In this case, eliminate negativity or fear related to people with disabilities – see them as people.

> It takes time to create & upload content. I am planning to invite followers to share their experiences/ recommendations and reviews on my page. We can be a big ol community. 🙂 (Also let’s them do the hard work)

Instagram Hashtags I used in this post

#accessyourability #access #accessible#disability #downsyndrome #ability #abilism#wheelchair #wheelchairacess #beach#beachaccess #accesswollongong#accesspool #accessiblepool #hoist#community #fun #whattodo #getoutside #disabilityawareness


^^^^^^ SIGNIFICANT HASHTAG ? – Users can find local places/activities

My prototyping stage was really a period of me exploring different platforms and learning more about my project, seeing its potential and also re-defining the problem.



X Interactive map –

X Categories

X Click for more information – reviews (by users perhaps?)

  1. Eat
  2. Places
  3. Accomodation
  4. Events
  5. Activities
  6. Toilets
  7. Services

I feel an application designed around my project would be great. Hard work though, and it’s not going to happen now. But, you could say the process has already begun (thought process). An application is way more accessible than a website. Especially if it has a interactive map, the users could search what is close to them and see reviews. (Keep in mind, these reviews are acknowledging how places + activities are accommodating to various needs).

messy sketch

I will continue to use instagram to continue to learn about my audience + understand the gap/issues more clearly.



what were snuggies originally designed for ?

Author: yanks

half optimist half pessimist half realist

5 thoughts on “Prototyping”

  1. Hey Yanks!
    Nice idea, great design/make/prototype process!!!
    At least I don’t feel like the only crazy that started with more than 2 platforms to see how it goes! haha.
    When you talked about Tumblr I had the same same feeling about me using Reedit (which by the way was something that I’ve never heard and didn’t even felt comfortable on using). What my original concept needed was not going to work on that kind of platform but I didn’t even gave the chance for my DA to become a real thing on that platform. I did the account and then started to navigate on it. When I saw the way the content was presented and the function of it I felt in the wrong place. That’s why I didn’t even have a moment to produce content. At least in your case, you made a couple of posts and then decided that wasn’t going to work.
    Obvioulsy I’m already following you and can’t wait to see your new ideas become a real thing!
    ALL THE BEST!!!!!


  2. Hi Yanks, you are seriously such an incredible individual. You are using this DA to create, explore and connect people with different abilities. This is such a clever, important and original idea and I am so happy with the progress you have made during this stage.
    I can completely relate with your enthusiasm for Instagram and I believe it is the perfect platform for your DA! Instagram also proved to be a great help for my DA in accessing and gaining a following in such a simple and time efficient way!
    I can also relate to your struggle with WordPress. For me my audience weren’t keen to engage with my blog but I have since turned to podcasts, which already seem to have garnered a bigger audience. This could also be another avenue for you to explore if you were interested as it is simple and you have complete control over content and how long it goes for.
    I wish you all the best and hope your DA continues to be a success.


  3. Hey mate, just wanted to pop in and say you’ve outdone yourself again. Haven’t seen a better blog post than this in my life, even from the actual bloggers out there in the world. The feedback you’re getting and the statistics you’re showing are paramount in pinpointing an audience and refining your product. You’ve covered everything anyone could ever hope to cover in this one blog. Love the practicality of sketching and not just keeping it digital. Keep up the great work mate!


  4. Your DA is one of my favourites to follow. It’s such a simple idea yet one that is really important and means something! You seem to have done a lot of research which has enabled you to overcome the barriers that you have faced along the way. I have also struggled with choosing the right platform for my DA. I was originally just using Instagram as well but have since thought about adding a wordpress element to my blog, but like you i find it very time consuming. Your DA has a great aura or authenticity which I love! I think your experimenting with using different hashtags is really good for building up your audience base which has prompted me to start using this on my own account, so thanks! I think your idea of a website and an interactive map is definitely the way to go! Exploring that could greatly add value to what you are doing. good luck for the rest of it. Looking forward to reading more.


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