We have progress, a starting point, a turning point or maybe a dead end. Who knows, only time will tell.

My progress so far, is, an idea, a name, Instagram page and a WordPress blog which are currently unattended and lack content.
I am A proud Disability Support Worker and Youth Worker. Working in the industry I was able to see what shit really went down, how peoples basic human rights were discarded by those “underpayed un-passionate support workers who cut corners to make it to the end of their shift”. I had guessed there was a tonne of employees who hated their job and took it out on the people they were caring, it was presented in Zac (my awesome brother with Down Syndrome). But, don’t get me wrong, it’s not an easy job. You can understand that people become burnt out and why there is a massive turnover within the support sector.

Where does this come down to? Employees need better support from employers, but… money. There’s never enough money. People are overworked, organizations can’t always provide the best support to individuals because of budgets. But this is people’s lives ? When I questioned ‘why do we go to the same place, do the same thing?’ the summed up response was ‘It’s easier, cheaper, we don’t have time to find new places within the 10km radius’.

This blew my mind, these people are paying organisations & carers to support them in the same boring place every day whether they like it or not? Because that’s how it is.

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I welcome you to my failing idea…

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I am focusing on the lack of access or knowledge of places and activities that are suitable for people living with disabilities. Simplicity is key. I guess you could say it is the new trip advisor for people with disabilities.Animated GIF


I will use free platforms to host my reviews and recommendations of places and activities.

Instagram | Facebook | WordPress

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Tiny – I will keep it to the Sydney Region, Macarthur area & surrounding suburbs. For now. I plan to expand if it is successful.


  • COST $$$$$

Targeted Audience

  • People living with disabilities
  • Carers and Families of people living with disabilities.
  • Disability Organisations.
  • Staff

From having personal experience growing up with a brother with a disability I am able to understand, to an extent the experience and issues other people growing up with a disability have faced, on a personal level, rather than an organisational level.

I have a strong relationship with the Disability Organisation I worked for. I verbally presented my concept in which they showed a great interest for. Basically, they are my biggest fan. Jks, but its great to be able to have the connection to prototype my idea to, and also my brother. Effectively, I am apart of the targeted audience.

I am interested to begin making my posts – for the feedback and criticism. This is the beginning.

I feel this will help improve daily lives of people living with disabilities and their carers.

I love to imagine that this could lead to something bigger, normalize disability, influence change and adaptations to the environments & activities that we access, so everyone can access.

This is relevant to me because I am a passionate support worker and I feel I have a chance to make a change, one day.

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7 thoughts on “Ideating”

  1. It’s so awesome that you are using your personal experiences with Zac to create a platform where you are able to help other people looking for support and information on where to take people living with disabilities. While I think that the size of your starting area is great it could be a bit too small and because of the restriction of space that you have given yourself in the beginning, by staying in the Macarthur area and not going that bit further into Sydney you could potentially be closing yourself off of a huge potential audience…. I’m not sure though, in your position I know it would mean more work for you but that’s just a thought! It would also seem like a great idea to contact different services (along with the one that already supports you) where you could allow them to see your work and to potentially support your idea! I love the idea and premise of what you are doing and I really can see the potential in this project helping not only support workers and parents of people living with disabilities but could help raise awareness to wider communities in New South Wales.


  2. This is such a great idea. I like how you are so passionate about this topic and this is highlighted in your efforts to create this project. Your caring nature is evident within this project and it is very important to maintain and become consistent with this characteristic, especially within the field of disability or elderly care. I believe your design artefact will flourish and become very popular within the care industry. As I have experienced family members needing ongoing care, I completely respect this idea as it will benefit the public. The only thing that I would recommend, is possibly expanding the area’s that this project will be available to. If you did go further into Sydney, you will be able to reach many more citizens with disabilities. You could also expand your project into including elderly care (nursing homes, retirement villages etc). I really do see the good in this project and I hope all goes well for you.


  3. I think this is an awesome idea, I can’t believe it hasn’t already been established. I love the creative name too. I know from my experience there’s a ton of great Facebook groups that I’m sure would love to help provide information for your project, perhaps recommend or request places for you to profile or give feedback? If you wanted this project to reach even farther, I’m sure these communities would allow you to get in touch with people of different locations. I know lots of people who would really appreciate what you’re doing and I’m sure your brother does too. It sounds completely achievable and I hope it becomes a great success. All the best!


  4. I completely agree. This is such an amazing topic that people are only just starting to open up about. I know most people can relate to this and your accounts will surely be a supportive outlet for them, both those living with disabilities and carers alike.

    I have a disability myself and the Uni has truly impressed me with the way they work around students needs, especially for a school with a student population 32,000. Just a suggestion for future posts since you’re catering to a somewhat local crowd, but maybe you would like to write about support systems in the area? I’m always getting these emails about the Health and Wellbeing Society events and what not. Although I normally quickly scroll through them, I have enjoyed all the events that I’ve gone to. Free massages, vent sesh, and food- no complaints here.
    Looking forward to more, awesome start 🙂


  5. This is terrific work mate, I really highly respect that you’re a disability worker, it’s a noble task in life and I wish you all the best. The blog is sensational, you’ve nailed references, pictures, gifs, everything in layout form. What’s even better is that your DA is already looking brilliant at this stage even if it’s in its theoretical element. There is so much information and opportunities for you here that you have listed that I reckon you can pretty much just jump right into the practical stuff right now and have it ready next week. I think other sources about disability are used to make people feel guilty for that specific group, but this initiative is likely to empower people with disabilities influence everyone to accept and respect them! Everything relevant, everything that is asked for is present, and even more. Well done mate.


  6. Hey… failing ideas are the best of ideas, because they spark into what they were always meant to be! This is super interesting, it’s awesome that you’re a disability support worker! I think an interesting question to ask you would be, do you think you’ve ever been influenced or biased in this subject due to your brother Zac? Could lead to an interesting conversation, regardless of the answer, I think this is a really cool idea for a digital artefact. Doing something GOOD, whilst doing it for your DA and being something you already do just adds up to perfection. In my opinion, this is what you want in a digital artefact, something that relates directly to your ongoing life situations. I’m excited to hear more about this DA!


  7. I love how much effort and thought you have put in behind this idea. Your execution of the blog alone is to a very high standard and it makes what you are talking about exciting and engaging. This idea really encapsulates the FIST approach to the digital artefact. It is simple, solves a problem and is relatively inexpensive to achieve. The idea behind it is original and unique. I love reference to “trip advisor for people with disabilities.” I feel like you have really nailed the brief of finding and idea and putting forward a solution to it. Your passion behind the topic is evident and i wish you the best of luck with your digital artefact!


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