Internationalising Higher Education

Leong, S and Woods, D 2017, “I don’t care about Asia”, Teaching Asia in Australia, Journal of Australian Studies, pp. 367-379, Viewed 16 August 2018, <>

This article explores the concepts of teaching Asia in Australia. It navigates through teachers and students perspectives of Asia Literacy. D Woods and S Leong are first generation – migrant teachers from Asia who have been encouraged to teach Asia Literacy in Australia. The authors suggest ethical issues arisen when being encouraged to teach Asia literacy based on their origins and students having negative attitudes towards Asia when they have been required to take up Asia studies. However, throughout the article it discusses the benefits of Asia Literacy being taught to university students as they are given the opportunity to develop an intercultural identity and the skills and knowledge of vast cultures enabling them to become versatile within the workforce. The students are able to recognise Asia as a significant part of Australia’s future. The article emphasises the importance of being accustomed to diversity and the impact internationalisation has on understanding our place in this world. The authors took into account,  personal perspectives and perspectives of society as a whole in relation to internationalising higher education.

Universities Australia 2017, ‘Universities Australia interview with Belinda Robinson ABC News24 – 2 Feb 2017’, online video 7 February, Universities Australia, Viewed 12 August, 2018, <>

Universities Australia Chief Executive Belinda Robinson explores Australian Universities position in the ranking of international universities in the world in this interview composed by ABC News24. Australian Universities are ranked in the top 25 – based on the figures of international students and educators. In 2013, Australia was depicted to be the third most popular destination for international students. The figures of Australian domestic students studying abroad are increasing. These factors confirm the benefits of internationalising higher education as students and educators are given the opportunity to complete their education or utilise their degrees overseas, gaining greater cultural experiences. This interview strengthens the ideology of internationalising education in Australia. Belinda Robinson projects her view of Australia being truly a world- class education with great student experience and the chance to study in the most diverse and multicultural nations on earth. Overall, this interview portrays the benefits of internationalising education based in Australia and the positive impacts it has on domestic, international students and educators. This source is based on figures and perspectives from people who have experienced internationalisation within the educational system. This is strongly related to the topic studied this week. However, this source does not explore the issues international students face.


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