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Factory Farm to Label

Today, factory farms are considered the most economical way to farm animals, with a simple goal to increase profits for big corporations, at the cost of animals, the environment and people. Globally, it is estimated that around 50 million farm animals are raised for consumption annually and two thirds are factory farmed. A Factory Farm … Continue reading “Factory Farm to Label”


So, if you have been following my #BCM241 blog posts, you would have noticed I was dancing around my media niche, unsure of where to head exactly. I knew my interest lays with mental health. I was on the pursuit for self-development, but found that this, is quite a large and A complexed media ‘niche’. … Continue reading “Pitch”

It is ethical.

Internet spaces can be understood as cultural, a place for people with the same values, customs and practices to gather. These cultures are filled with multisensory interactions such as emojis, gifs, texts, images and videos. These interactions, when put into context within a particular culture carry different meanings to that of other cultures. However, since … Continue reading “It is ethical.”


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